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My name is Thomas Latcham, I'm a designer from The Netherlands interested in user participation design, explorative design research and graphic design. I am Dutch born and raised, but am half English and half Danish.

I like history, languages and arts, but I'm better at mathematics and physics. In fact, I would embrace chaos if I could, but honestly I love structure, systems and boxes with labels on them. I like involving people, entertaining people and being together with people, but need my moments alone to drink strong tea with milk.

Like most designers I like to think I have different faces.
No no.
Not physically.
No Harvey Dent.

When designing I like to be super structured, but that's not why I'm in the game. I am in it for the chaos. Boxes with labels are a way to clear my mind.

I think good ideas are found in the chaos of daily life, not often behind a desk or in boxes with labels. That's why I try to involve people in my work. Everybody has stories to tell about the chaos of their daily life, and I'm listening.

I think that's the key to good graphic, industrial, interaction, experience, or what-ever-you-call-it design: involve users in every stage of the process.

Designing with people is fun. I think that is one of the most important thing in life: have fun. Laugh! Laugh a lot! Laugh with your friends, laugh out in public and laugh at yourself. Hakuna matata!

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Design for Interaction
Delft University of Technology
Master of Science, Cum Laude


Industrial Design Engineering
Delft University of Technology
Bachelor of Science



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Graduating Design Intern
Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (WKZ), UMC Utrecht

In my graduation project for the WKZ, I worked with a team of experts at the hospital and a group of children to redesign the Operation Room garments for the patients in this pediatric hospital.

By involving the children throughout the design process, this co-design project showed the hospitalised children that they are capable of making beautiful things with their hands and minds.

AUGUST 2016 - FEB 2017

Design Intern
Interactive Institute Swedish ICT (Umeå Studio)

Interactive Institute has different studios across Sweden. The Umeå Studio does explorative design research. Key words for this colourful, rebellious studio include experience design in extreme environments, designing democracy and poetic and playful interaction design.

Check out this movie about my internship!

Find more on the projects and the studio on the website:
Interactive Institute Swedish ICT Umeå

MARCH 2016 - JULY 2016

Freelance Graphic Designer
Ongezouten Design

Freelance graphic, interaction and experience design.

2013 - CURRENT

Research Assistant for European Commission project
Responisble for gathering qualitative data by means of user evaluation sessions.

More on the project: Phenicx website

OCT 2015 - FEB 2016

Student Assistant
Numerous assistant jobs during my Bachelor and Master

In fields of sustainability, context mapping, conceptualization, and many more.



The Blue Studio: Designing an Interactive Environment for Embodied
Multi-Stakeholder Ideation Processes

TEI 2017

Jaasma, P., Smit, D., van Dijk, J., Latcham, T., Trotto, A., & Hummels, C. (2017, March). The Blue Studio: Designing an Interactive Environment for Embodied Multi-Stakeholder Ideation Processes. In Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (pp. 1-10). ACM.

MARCH 2017


Microsoft Design Expo 2015 participant
Winners Delft University of Technology

Our project Fuzzy Bird was chosen as best project from the Delft University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The project was presented and exhibited in the Microsoft Design Expo 2015 in Seattle, WA. Fuzzy Bird won the award for best prototype at the expo. Browse my portfolio to see more about Fuzzy Bird.

More info: Microsoft Design Expo 2015
The Team: Fuzzy Bird

JULY 2015

Cum Laude Master of Science
Delft University of Technology

Thesis named: "Co-Designing a children's garment for Surgery".

Grade final project 9/10
Grand point average 8.5/10

FEB 2017


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign





Qualitative Research

Team Management


Here you will find some of the projects I have been working on.

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a friend for kids with autism

Fuzzy Bird is an interactive toy for children with autism aimed at helping them improve their social skills. Fuzzy Bird can be squeezed in different ways, but for each way, it always gives a certain reaction. Fuzzy Bird allows children to play freely while knowing what to expect.

a buddy to help kids cope with asthma

Hatch is a smart product service system that empowers young asthmatic children to independently prevent asthma attacks. It helps them in managing their disease by actively detecting triggers, managing early asthma symptoms and reminding them to adhere to their medication.

mom's escape from daily life

Mother's have busy lives: kids, a spouse, work, households, sports, friends, hobbies - you name it. In all the chaos it isn't always easy to appreciate daily life. Under the motto 'Design for Happiness', EGG sets out to give mothers a moment for them alone. My goal was to remind mothers of the beauty of their everyday lives.

motivate and activate kids in teams

The Comet is a toy for children to motivate them to be active and play outside. It stimulates teamplay by involving all children in a short game that can be changed time after time. It's simple, robust and soft: a good mix to allow kids to monkey about.

redesigning for usability and UX

The Saeco Gran Baristo is a high-end coffee making machine with the option to make variaties with milk. In this project, we set out to redesign the machine regarding usability and user experience.



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